D37. PAD THAI (chicken,shrimp,prawn,tofu)                    $12.99                               

stir-fried noodle with tofu,egg,bean sprout and peanuts

D38. PAD SEE LEW (chicken,pork,beef,tofu)                    $13.99                              

stir-fried noodle with egg,kales,broccoli,mushroom

D39. LAD NA THAI GRAVY SAUCE (chicken,beef,pork)  $12.99                             

stir-noodle with broccoli,mushroom and carrot

D40. PAD KEE MOW (chicken,beef,pork)                         $12.99                             

stir-fried noodle with mushroom,red pepper,                                                      

grean bean.onion,carrot and thai basil

D41. COCONUT THAI FRICED RICE (chicken,pork,beef,tofu)       $12.99                     

with tomato,onion and egg

D42. PAD KRA PRAU FRIED RICE (chicken,beef,pork)      $13.99                           

with green bean,onion,red pepper and thai basil

D43. PINEAPPLE FRIED RICE (chicken,beef,pork)             $13.99                            

with egg,green pea,pineapple,cashew nuts,                                              

raisin,curry powder

D44. GREEN CURRY FRIED RICE (chicken,beef,pork)      $13.99                             

with green curry,bamboo shoot,grenn pea,                                                             

red pepper and thai basil