D13. LAAB, cooked ground pork,                                $11.99                                      

chicken,or beef, flavored with lime juice                                                  

chilli,roasted ground rice fresh mint,red onion,green onion

D14. MOO-YANG OR NUA-YANG NAM TOK/   $11.99                           

grilled pork or beef flavored with lime juice                                    

chilli,red onion, green onion,fresh mint

D15. PAPAYA SALAD (som tum) green               $10.99                       

papaya green bean,carrot,tomato,pea nut                                       

served with chicken wing,sticky rice

D16. BEEF SALAD/ quilled beef                            $10.99                           

with cucumber,onion,tomato,ice berg,and green onion

D17. VERMICELLI SALAD/  vermicelli boiled                 $10.99 

shrimp,celery,pork,onion,red onion,tomato,lettuce

D22. PAD CASHEWNUTS/ chicken,pork,beef,    $13.45                           

with red pepper,onion,carrot,mushroom.

D23. PAD GRA PROW, chicken,pork,beef             $13.45                           

red pepper,onion,mushroom,green bean                                       

carrot,and thai basil

D24.SWEET&SOUR/ chicken,pork,beef               $13.45

onion,cucumber,tomato,pineapple,red pepper

D25.PAD PRIK KHING/ chicken,beef,pork             $13.45                        

green bean,red pepper,grushed peanuts

D26.SWIMMING ANGER/ chicken                           $13.45

spinach,broccoli,toped with peanut butter

D27. PAD FRESH GINGER, chicken,pork,beef,         $13.45                     

fresh ginger,onion,mushroom,red pepper

D28. PAD GARLIC SAUCE/ chicken,beef,pork,        $13.45

broccoli.onion,carrot,garlic,and black pepper

D29. PAD SESAME SAUCE/ chicken,pork,beef         $13.45                     

with vegetable

D30. PAD OYTER SAUCE/ chicken,beef,pork            $13.45


D31. BROCCOLI PAD GOONG/                                     $14.99             

broccoli stir-fried with prawn

D32. PAD PED CHILLI SAUCE/ chicken,beef,pork,     $13.45                

w/red pepper,onion,bamboo shoot,and thai basil

D33. SALMON CHOO CHEE/                                        $17.99                           

with red curry sauce served w/vegetable 

D34. STEAMED FISH BASA FILLET                               $17.99                  

w/red pepper,onion,spring onion,fresh ginger

D35. TILAPIA FISH/ whole tilapia fish                         $17.99                    

deep fried served w/sweet&sour sauce

D36.SEA FOOD COMBO/ sea food marinated         $15.99                 

w/thai spices and vegetable w/red curry mango sauce