D01.   SATAY /CHICKEN,PORK,BEEF4skewers                $7.99                                               

breast marinated in thai herd quiled with peanut sauce

D02.   FISH CAKE,DEEP fried minced fish              $7.99                                       

served with   plum sauce

D03. STUFFED CHICKEN WING/marinated          $9.99                                   

chicken with vermicelli.coriander.served plum sauce

D04. CHICKENWING marinated                             $7.99                                     

sauce served sweet chilli sauce

D05. GOONG SAI MAI/ marinated prawn               $8.99                              

wrapped with eggnoodle,served with plum sauce

D06. SPRING ROLL/ deep fried roll wrapped           $7.99                                    

with vermicelli,vegetable, served with plum sauce

D07. FRESH ROLL/ rice roll wrapped filled with       $7.99             

shrimp,noodle,ice berg,bean sprout,carrot,cucumber,mint

D08.MUN TORD/ deep fried                               $7.99                          

sweet potato,dipped  in coconut better

D09.POPCORN SHRIMP, deep                                       $7.99                                   

fried shrimp 180 g served with sweet chilli sauce

D10.CRISPY WONTON,                                                   $7.99                                

deep-fried wonton served with plum sauce

D11.TOONG TONG/                                               $7.99                               

deep-fried delight of thin pastry stufted with pork&shrimp

D12.DEEP FRIED TOFU/ served with peanut      $6.45                   

cucumber sauce